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Trip Reports by Year

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The following is a list of cycle tours and long distrance thru-hikes we've completed in chronological order:

Cycle Tour 2023: Western USA and Canada - 15,149 km Thru-Hike 2022: Heysen Trail, South Australia (Parachilna to Cape Jervis) - 1133 km Cycle Tour 2021: Central Australia - 5,013 km Thru-Hike 2020: Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia (Perth to Albany) - 983 km Cycle Tour 2019: UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland - 9,400 km Cycle Tour 2017: Canada and Alaska (USA) - 8,300 km Cycle Tour 2015: UK, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Estonia & Latvia Cycle Tour - 10,166 km Cycle Tour 2014: Scandinavia Cycle Tour [Sweden & Norway] - 3,076 km Cycle Tour 2013: Germany and its Neighbours - 4,830 km Cycle Tour 2012: Sweden and Finland - 2,416 km Cycle Tour 2011: The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark - 1,853 km Cycle Tour 2009: South Island, New Zealand Cycle Tour 2009: The Top End, Northern Territory, Australia Cycle Tour 2008: Kangaroo Island - South Australia Cycle Tour 2008: Kep Track: Perth - Northam (and Return), Western Australia Cycle Tour 2008: Tasmania, Australia Cycle Tour 2005: South Island, New Zealand Cycle Tour 2003: Tasmania, Australia Cycle Tour 2003: Sofala - Hill End - Mudgee - Sofala, NSW, Australia

A Google Map (scrollable) combining the cycle tour routes can be found HERE. A thumbnail of that map is shown below.